SOUTHERN MADAGASCAR– “A Major Graphite Province”

• Major graphite mineral field
• Located within the Proterozoic Ampanihy Graphite
Domain – a series of highly metamorphosed graphitic
schists and gneiss’s formed during the East African
Orogeny (same event as Tanzania)
• Crucially, large anorthositic intrusions present within the
sequence created the structural framework, ‘pressure
shadows’, that allowed the graphite to concentrate into
thickened lenses.
• Younger granitic and porphyritic intrusions have been
responsible for localised significant upgrading of
• +100 out-cropping lenses of graphite Identified
• Grades of +50% TGC (Total Graphitic Carbon)
• Observed mineralization widths of +250m with +2km of strike
• Systematic exploration and evaluation identifying multiple high
grade, high tonnage graphite deposi

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